Different Types of Tow Truck Services

There are different kinds of towing services offered by towing companies. Each type of service has its own pros and cons, and in most cases, you are in the best position to decide the service that will better match your requirements. Nevertheless, this article will give you some insights, assistance, and guidance that you’ll find helpful when you need to hire a towing company for the service you require.

Basically, the major factor that is to be given the optimum importance is the safety of your vehicle. You should never compromise a quality towing service for a cheap fee, and you should always choose a company based on the safety of your car and yourself.

Here is an insight on some of the major types of towing services provided by virtually all towing companies:

  • Flatbed Towing:

This type of towing service provides a safe and dependable option when it comes to towing your vehicle. Professional towing companies are usually well equipped with the tools required to safely lift your vehicle, strap it properly and take it to your required destination. Also, most of these companies offer both short and long distance flatbed towing services for any kind of vehicle, be it a sports car, antique collection, SUV, utility truck, mini truck and so on. These towing vehicles usually come with a 4 wheel tie-down system, and as per various research; it has proven to be one of the safest and most recommended ways to safely transport your vehicle.

  • Wheel Lift Towing:

This method is more efficient and cheaper for a vehicle that weighs lesser than 10,000 lbs. It allows you to save more money if you are on a budget.

  • Medium Duty Towing:

It is also a reliable option for towing vehicles that weigh above 10,000 lbs.

  • Heavy Duty Towing:

This provides a more comprehensive solution to towing large vehicles such as tankers, Lorries, etc. The entire vehicle is lifted off the ground and hung in the air.

There are some companies that also provide towing services for motorcycles and RVs in case they develop a fault on the road.