Safety Tips for Towing a Trailer

Towing accidents are common even in major cities. Oftentimes, accidents usually happen when the trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle, and suddenly hits another car. We have seen how accidents like this eventually lead to traffic jams and unfortunate loss of lives. Clearly, we don’t want that. So to avoid mishaps, here are some safety tips for towing a trailer that you can follow.

Know your weight limits

Make sure your trailer is commensurate with the capacity of your vehicle. Check your truck manual to see the trailer limits that your vehicle is allowed to tow. You haul whatever you can that is below the maximum weight limitation of your vehicle but never above it. Most importantly, use the right trailer hitch and make sure your trailer is hitched properly.

Distribute the weight evenly

If your trailer is heavier than your truck, you might bump behind you when you brake. It can also cause your driving to wobble, which is why it is important to see how the weight is distributed on the trailer. Also, make sure you don’t load more stuff at the end as it might pull backwards when the road is uphill. Do not put too much item either on the left or right side as your trailer might tip over.

Inflate your tires properly

Check your tires and make sure you have enough air to sustain your journey. You don’t want any tire blowout in the middle of your driving. Make sure that your wheel bearings are working properly too. An overheated bearing can sideline your trailer as fast as a tire blowout.

Ensure the trailer lights are working

The lights on your trailer should have the same function as your tow truck. The vehicles behind you will normally depend on the lights they see. If your trailer doesn’t have lights, they can bump into it and make you liable. So make sure you connect the brake and signal lights to your trailer. It should also have a signal for right and left turn. Check if the hazard and stop signals also work as they are very important.

Finally, make sure you double check everything. Fasten the chain. Secure the hitch. Check your mirror and make sure everything looks good behind. Hit the gas pedal and observe your driving for a couple of minutes. If you notice something is wrong, you need to find it and remedy the problem. Otherwise, you should be safe to go.