Installing a Lift Kit

Installing a Lift Kit

Installing a lift kit in your driveway means you will need at the very least a floor jack and four jack stands. Better to use a 6-ton jack stand just to be safe since we’ll be crawling around under the vehicle. As for floor jacks, get the best one you can afford. As much as we like the idea of aluminum floor jacks, we’ve had better luck with a big heavy 3 1⁄2-ton steel floor jack.

  1. Replace all the factory shocks and coils, so those items were removed first.

2. Use a die grinder with a carbide tip to open up the lower link mount hole into a slot. This is the only step requiring a specialty tool, a die grinder. You could do this with a file, but it would take a long time.

3. Drill out the factory axle bumps’ stop pad for the taller OME bumpstops. Using a step bit for this job helps keep the drill and bit package shorter and fits between the frame and axle easier. The instructions call for installing the front spacers before the coil springs, but we found it easier to put the spacers in the coils, then install the coils first, and afterwards add the bolts to the spacer.

4. Use a ratchet strap to pull the frame centered over the axle makes installing the track bar much easier.

5. The rear axle also needs the link mount holes elongated and the new tabs installed. This step is irritating unless you have a long shank bit in your die grinder since the outer part of the bracket is up against near the brake backing plate. The instructions do not call for any welding, but we feel that tack-welding these tabs to the axle brackets would add strength and reliability.

6. The front and rear suspensions also get longer sway-bar links. If you do not have a Rubicon (with the factory disconnecting sway bar) you can install the included sway-bar disconnect kit. There are also extension brackets for the brake lines, parking brake cables, and longer Nitrocharger shocks.

7. The kit is a 4-inch lift, but we added the included heavy load spacers for an additional 1⁄2 inch since this Wrangler has a hard top, rock sliders, and a winch bumper and is often used for camping where additional people and gear are hauled around. The suspension easily cleared the 35×12.50R17 Pit Bull Rockers on American Expedition Vehicles 17-inch Pintler wheels and could clear 37s with aftermarket high-clearance fenders. These tires are much more aggressive than the factory rubber, and the wheels have an inch less backspacing than stock to help clear all the suspension arms when turning.

Benefits of doing regular auto repair

Benefits of doing regular auto repair

Did you ever wonder why some people are struggling with their vehicle more than you are, and why you always need to worry about auto repair? This might be because you don’t do regular vehicle repair or maintenance on your vehicle. There are many benefits that you will have, when you are doing regular maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. With these benefits, you will know for sure that you start doing repair on a regular basis:

Extending the life of your vehicle

If you are going to use your vehicle for a long time, without considering selling another one, then doing regular auto repair is going to ensure that you are going to extend the life of your vehicle. The more repairs and maintenance you are doing on a regular basis, the longer the engine of the car will last and the longer you will be able to drive it. And, you will not need to worry about repairs as much.

Making sure that you don’t have large expenses with a broken vehicle

The one thing that people will tell you is that when you don’t repair your vehicle frequently, you are going to have some expensive expenses with repairing big faults on the vehicle.

This is something that most of us can’t afford. A vehicle can become really expensive when you don’t repair your vehicle often with larger faults that can happen. A well maintained vehicle will ensure that you don’t have large vehicle faults. And a large towing bill.  A college friend of mine in Arizona owns Glendale Tow Truck Company and he recently told me that many of the cars and trucks he tows are due to poor maintenance.  People just want to drive their vehicles and often don’t want to put the time or money into properly maintaining them. 

Ensure safety of you and your family

We hear so many times about people that were in an accident, because of a fault on the vehicle. Tires that bursts any other vehicle faults. This is due to the fact that they didn’t consider auto repair often.

If you are caring for your family, you need to consider frequent auto repair on your vehicle. Especially, if you are going to travel by car with you and your whole family. Then, you will know that you will not have any faults along the way that can result in jeopardy the safety of your family.

Easier to sell the vehicle again

One thing that most of us are doing is to sell our vehicles to purchase a newer model. The problem is that if you didn’t do regular auto repair, you are going to struggle to sell your vehicle. Or, you aren’t going to get the price you were hoping to get.

A car that is well maintained by a professional auto repair company will make the chances high that you will be able to sell the car easily.

It is important to make sure that you are going to have a vehicle that is going to last you a long time, without having too many problems with it. The only way that you can be sure about this, is to consider regular auto repair. This is the only way that you can know for sure that your car will not break down when you need it most. This is why doing regular repairs on your vehicle is so essential.