Common Types of Brake Repairs

Owning a car requires you to know a lot of things related to cars. When you have the common knowledge, it is easier to identify issues whenever something goes wrong with your car. One of the essential parts of cars is the brake. In case you happen to have some troubles with your brakes, you need to know the most common types of brake repairs.

Shoe replacement

This is one of the most common types of brake repairs. Normally, you have to replace the pad everytime to hit 20,000 miles to stay on the safe side. Some pads can live up to 50, 000 but there are some pads that are only good up to 10, 000. It is essential that you also check with your manufacturer the type of pads. In any case, you need to observe whether your brakes are already squealing or sticking. This is a sign that you need to drop by your local repair shop.

Line replacement

Brake lines carry the fluid from the car’s master cylinder throughout the brake system. This is why it has to be clean at all times. You need to check for tiny holes that cause leakage leading to more serious problems in the future.  For most care repairs, line replacement is sort of an emergency situation. Sometimes, it is hard to notice it when you are a first-time driver. For safety purposes, you need to bring your car to the maintenance site on schedule to check if there are any problems.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is comprised of several pistons and valves. It serves as a reservoir for fluid and is responsible for regulating the brake pressure. This type of brake repair is rarely done but when your master cylinder is damaged, it will cause serious problems with your brake. So it is best to keep  your brakes in check with your manufacturer or local repair shop.

Random parts replacement

Just as the name says, this is one of the common types of brake repairs which involve replacing some parts of your brakes with new ones. As mentioned earlier, your brake is composed of small to large pieces which can be worn out over time.  For example, calipers are a common issue in most repair shops. The calipers hold the brake pad and keep them in position. Apparently, they can get old due to wear and tear. Hence, you need to replace them to keep your brakes functioning well.